Internet Security

A constant stream of high-profile attacks by organized crime, hacktivists and state-sponsored agents against both commercial and government entities has put under tremendous pressure to secure critical data

Data Management & Reporting

While the traditional challenges of standardizing process across the enterprise and storage have been substantially addressed, Today’s challenges are how Businesses can service their customers faster, proactively, cheaper and at big scale.

Vocational Training

Advances in Robotics, Sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have opened up new markets and new opportunities for progress in Governments and Enterprise.

Radio Network Optimization

Radio network traffic is predominantly dynamic and with the currently present value added service options, people want to communicate with their folks seamlessly and effortlessly.

IBS (In-Building Services)

In-Building Solution (IBS) provides indoor coverage using a series of hubs/Equipment's distributing the signal to number of antennas.

RF Planning Services

A critical component for successful design, deployment and expansion of broadband wireless networks is RF Planning.

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